was developed to assist commercial, government and municipal fleets in modeling vehicle alternatives to gain a better understanding of both their carbon output and lifecycle costs. Car and truck fleets are significant contributors to greenhouse gases and the selection of vehicles that are more fuel efficient can not only reduce CO2 but can also result in lowering the total costs of fleet operations.

This site is a partnership between the Sierra Club Cool Cities program and Donlen Corporation. The Sierra Club is America's most effective advocate for the environment and helps you protect the environment locally and globally. Donlen Corporation is one of North America's leading fleet management companies helping corporations manage cars and trucks for sales, service and delivery applications. Donlen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation.

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  • You will have the opportunity to compare each vehicle to itself or other models using different lease term and average annual mileage scenarios.
  • Choose the model year you wish to use.
  • Choose the appropriate Fuel Cost Per Gallon for your operating area.
  • Choose each vehicle individually by selecting the vehicle category, then selecting the vehicle.
  • To choose all the vehicles in a category, simply click the "ADD ALL FROM CATEGORY" button.
  • Choose the same vehicle multiple times to perform a real time side by side comparison against itself.
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